UBC Studios has established a special response to COVID-19 and created safe usage polices which can be found here. In light of these policies, not all UBC Studios spaces are currently open and not all UBC Studios staff members are on campus every day.

For all service inquires or questions, please email UBC Studios Okanagan at ubcstudios.ok@ubc.ca.

Studio123 is a space optimized for Audio and Video recording and designed for ease of use. The room is equipped with blackout blinds that control external light, acoustic treatments to enhance sound quality, specialized LED lights for filming, and professional quality video and audio equipment.

Studio123 is part of Learn more about Constellation, UBC Okanagan’s network of media and technology learning services.

Prior to booking, please review our Room Policies.

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Studio123 uses a Rode Procaster dynamic microphone. This allows the user to record their voice with professional, broadcast quality and an internal pop-filter to reduce plosives.


Records high quality audio using the USB microphone mounted to the boom arm on the desk.


Audacity Instructions



OcenAudio records high quality audio using the USB microphone mounted to the boom arm on the desk.


OcenAudio Instructions



Studio123 uses a Canon G25 camcorder which allows for visual recording in HD and a shotgun microphone in the studio.


Uses a professional video camera and microphone to record movies with a single click.

QuickTime Instructions


Having issues? Check out KnowIt for more information and troubleshooting solutions, or contact UBC Studios directly at ubcstudios.ok@ubc.ca.