QuickTime Player is an easy-to-use, simple video capturing software. It uses the Canon camcorder and Studio123 microphones set up to ensure high quality video and audio. Upon finishing your recording, you will have a .mp4 file.

Below are a set of instructions that will benefit your editing and production. If you have questions, feel free to email us at ubcstudios.ok@ubc.ca.


  • Launch QuickTime Player. Click on the QuickTime icon in the start bar.





  • Click File > New Movie Recording



  • Select mic. Click the down arrow beside the Red circle. For standing subjects, select USB capture SDI to use the studio shotgun microphone mounted on the ceiling. If you’re recording at the desk select Blue Icicle to use the podcasting mic.




  • Record. Hit the red circle to record.





  • Stop. Click the stop button.






  • Create and export. Finishing the recording automatically creates a file. To save and rename your file, go to FILE > SAVE




Once you log out off the Studio123 computer, your files are wiped from the drive. Be sure to save to the cloud orĀ an external drive.

Still having issues? Feel free to stop by the UBC Studios commons service hub in COM 204 or contact us at ubcstudios.ok@ubc.ca.