OcenAudio is an easy, cross-platform audio recording software that can be downloaded to your personal computer or used via Studio123’s audio recording set-up. You can apply effects such as EQ, gain, and filtering, and edit the file after recording.

Below are a set of instructions that will benefit your editing and production. If you have questions, feel free to email us at ubcstudios.ok@ubc.ca.

  • Launch OcenAudio. Click on the OcenAudio icon in the task bar.





  • Create New Project. File > New.



  • Select microphone. Though the podcast microphone (Blue Icicle) should be selected by default, you can confirm or select a different mic by going to Controls > Record Mixer Config and make a selection.




  • Record. Click on the red circle icon in the top left corner. Choose the sample rate and channels that best fit your project.
    • The standard sample rate, 44.1 (or 44100) is used for most consumer audio, whereas 48 kHz is often used in a more professional context such as video.
    • A higher bit depth allows for more room before distortion or clipping occurs.




  • Stop Recording. Click on the pause or stop button.
    • If you’d like to edit your audio, highlight the section that requires editing and apply the desired effects by using the tools.





  • Save to your device. Upon finishing your project, click FILE>SAVE and choose your desired format and file location.





Once you log off the Studio123 computer your files are wiped from the drive. Be sure to save to an external drive or cloud.

Still having issues? Feel free to contact us at ubcstudios.ok@ubc.ca.