Core Services and Policies

UBC Studios Okanagan provides basic core services to UBC Okanagan Campus Departments, Faculty and Students.

Basic Core Service Offerings include:

  • Digital Media Production*
  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Equipment Loans
  • DIY Creation Support
  • Live Streaming – Wowza, Facebook*
  • Event Coverage*

* Projects may be subject to Fee for Service.

Basic Core Service Offering Guidelines

Our services are provided with the guiding principles of the advancement of UBC’s vision and goals. We are responsible to ensure that approved projects line up with them. We are respectful and accountable for the time and effort put into these projects. Project Requests will be approved as Basic Core Service based on the criteria below. All other projects will be considered a fee for service offering.

  • Work must be done within normal working hours. Monday thru Friday, 7am – 6pm (excluding holidays)
  • All submissions must include next level approval.
  • Basic Core Service video projects produced by UBC Studios Okanagan are required to have UBC Branding including video tails, watermarks and fonts.
  • Client must have a clear marketing and distribution plan for the requested Project.
  • Project Champions are responsible for meeting all requested check points and tasks
  • Video projects with designated funding will be invoiced.
  • Projects must have a direct association with UBC Okanagan.
  • Project completion requires 4 – 6 weeks from approved start date.
  • Video projects with more than two requested revisions will be subject to additional charges.
  • UBC Studios have the right to close a project after three weeks of client inactivity.
  • Completed video projects may be monitored for analytics purposes.

Possible Fees and Expenses for Core Service and Fee For Service Projects

Projects that fall outside of our Basic Core Services will be subject to fee for service. Should the completed projects not be utilized by the client in an effective and appropriate manner according to approved project request, clients may be subject to fee for service.

Additional expenses may be incurred during production and are the responsibility of the client. These may include:

  • Mileage/parking
  • Meal Allowances
  • Assets – outsourced video clips, music, graphics, illustrations and voice-overs
  • Specialized Services (including Talent)
  • Contracted Videographers/Writers
  • Project production outside of Core Service Hours (Evening and weekends.)