Policy and Procedure

We are more than happy to lend equipment for your specific needs. Still, we do have the following policies to abide by!

  • Users must present a valid UBC photo ID card.
  • UBC Studios Equipment may be used only for UBC related projects or for those that highlight or promote UBC activities.
  • UBC Studios Equipment will NOT be used for projects that promote hate, violence, discrimination, harassment, or drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Use of UBC Studios equipment for personal financial gain (ie. “paid gigs”) is not permitted.
  • Borrowers of UBC Studios equipment are ultimately responsible for any damage incurred. Fees may be implemented to cover the costs associated with repair and/or replacement. 
  • Overdue fines will be implemented for each day late at a cost of $10 per item.
  • UBC Studios does not loan SD cards. For any gear which uses a SD card such as the G40 camcorder, users must provide their own. Class 10 16gb cards are recommended. 
  • All UBC Studios Okanagan equipment is property of the Province of British Columbia and may be seized by the Executive Producer of UBC Studios Okanagan or an agent designated by the Executive Producer at any time.

Have questions? Email us at ubcstudios.ok@ubc.ca.