For a quiet place to create or edit your video project, visit the Digital Design Lab (ADM 012) or the library and its nearby edit suites.

UBC Studios Okanagan

UBC Studios – ADM 011

Nestled in ADM 011, UBC Studios is bustling with technicians and media producers hard at work on their latest project. Here you can find:

  • Technicians on hand to answer any questions
  • Studio space for UBC Studios interviews
  • Equipment for your borrowing needs

Digital Design Lab

Next to UBC Studios in ADM 012, the Digital Design lab offers a quiet place to edit your project with technical support close by. Stop by and use:

  • The latest in professional editing software
  • 10 iMac computers
  • Accessible consultation with UBC Studios staff

The Library

Edit Suites

Want to do some editing with your resources and books near by? Our library edit suites are here for you!

Studio 123

With user friendly software and equipment already set up, Studio 123 is a great place to record your audio track or have a video conference with privacy and quality.

Book Studio 123