Equipment Catalogue

UBC Studios Equipment is updated each year with the latest in prosumer video gear.

Canon G40 Camcorder

With capabilities to shoot in 1080P and 1/8″ mic inputs, the G40 is the perfect camera for beginners. Note: Renters must provide their own SD Cards.

Boom Microphones

UBC Studios Okanagan is pleased to offer shotgun mics and boom poles. Designed for ease of use, our microphones have XLR-1/8″ inputs.

External Hard Drives

Our external hard drives offer 750 GBs of space. Great for saving your footage and backing up your files, our hard drives are also available for semester-long loans.


Our DSLRs are the Canon 5D MK II and MK III, as well as the Nikon D300. Each camera comes with its own kit lens.

Lav Microphones

Perfect for recording one person wirelessly, our lav kits offer mobility and simplicity for your sound needs. Excellent for interviews and mobile recording.

DJI Osmo

Unleash your inner Lubezki! Using your smartphone and the DJI app as a monitor, the Osmo offers flat, steady camera movement no matter how much you move your hands or shake the camera.


Some of the tripods we offer include the Magnus VT300 as well as various Spider pods, ensuring your videography is stable and portable.

LED Lights

Want your subjects to pop a little more? Need some light in a dark corner? We offer Fotodiox LED flapjacks that are both dimmable and adjustable colour temperature. Stands included.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Other equipment we offer include table top mic stands, portable flashes, headphones, iPhone microphones, and other assorted gear. Email us if you have a specific request!